The ‘Merf clamp’ – an open hardware design for a ‘revolutionary’ toolbar clamp

After decades of being frustrated with the design of the toolbar clamps on weeding machinery, nearly a decade of sitting on the idea, and weeks of working out the best solution, I have finalised my design for a user friendly, light but strong and simple to build toolbar clamp, which I have very immodestly called the ‘Merf clamp’.
The design is licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License The TAPR Open Hardware License – TAPR, which means that anyone can make, use and sell the clamp for profit. It also means that the design can and should be modified, e.g., different size and shaped toolbars and tool legs. But, all those modifications are captured under the open hardware license, and those new designed MUST be posted back to this ‘Merf clamp’ topic at this ‘Physical Weed Control Forum’ website.
The hope is that lots of modified designs and CAD files for all sizes of toolbars and tool legs will be made and posted back to this site so that as many people as possible can benefit from the concept.
Charles ‘Merf’ Merfield
April 2022

The-Merf-Clamp–An-individual-axis-locking,-toolbar-clamp-for-weeding-machinery-and-other-uses.docx (745.3 KB)
The-Merf-Clamp–An-individual-axis-locking,-toolbar-clamp-for-weeding-machinery-and-other-uses.pdf (846.7 KB)