First time here?

Hello! Welcome to the 2021 On-Farm Research category in the Physical Weed Control Forum. This is a space for our on-farm research participants and project advisors in Maine and Michigan to connect with each other and exchange ideas, updates, and questions about the project and physical weed control.

To participate in the forum, you can post a new “topic” (and attach photos or videos if you have them), or comment on other members’ posts. Topics can be anything related to the project and your experiences as a participant or advisor, including questions about tools or project protocols, insights after a recent cultivation, feedback about the project, ideas for new practices, and more.

At any time, if you have questions about how to use the forum or concerns about how it is being used, reach out to one of our moderators or administrators. See rules of conduct in the topic titled “About the 2021 On-Farm Research category”.

Glad to have you here!