Tool stacking with hand tools

Research on cultivation tool “stacking”, or using more than one cultivation tool at a time, has shown promising results. Tractor-mounted cultivation tools may not always be an economical option for a small-scale farm, but research about these tools may be applicable to hand-tools that operate with the same mode of action. The Terrateck Double Wheel Hoe offers growers a hand-tool with the option to attach a second tool bar and therefore stack tools for use at the same time. It is easily maneuverable on a bed system, straddling the crop row and providing approximately seven inches of clearance over the crop. Several tools are available for this wheel hoe, including finger weeders, hilling discs, torsions, tine harrows, and blades, which are typically only available as tractor-mounted tools. Additionally, certain tools can be adjusted closer to the crop row, providing more aggressive weed control.

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