The 4 Wheel Hoe plans released for free under open hardware license

The 4 Wheel Hoe has been designed from first principles of physical weed control and ergonomics to produce a machine that achieves the highest weed kill while being user friendly.

The 4 Wheel Hoe fills a gap among weeding machines, being created for growers producing crops on areas to large to hand hoe and too small to justify tractor mounted hoes.

It can control both interrow (between the crop row) and intrarow (in the crop row) weeds by a combination of horizontal knife blade ‘T’ hoes and ‘mini-ridger’ hoes.

This all adds up to a wheel hoe that does a much better weeding job, for less effort and in less time, than all other wheel hoes, saving the grower time and money.
Download the plans, users guide as a single document
the-4-wheel-hoe—the-ultimate-pedestrian-hoe.pdf (1.9 MB)


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